There are some surprising home remedies that are used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Among them are dietary changes, stress relief, garlic, yogurt douching, and microwaving. There is not sufficient evidence to encourage or support the use of these treatments as a cure buy glashutte original pano matic date for yeast infection. Yogurt may also be used in several ways : The first is to insert a tampon dipped in yogurt into the vagina twice a day, morning and night . You may also insert one tablespoon of yogurt into the vagina at night just before going to bed. You may also choose to douche with yogurt. As a preventative yogurt should be added to your diet. Butter milk may also be taken, a glass in the afternoon and at night can be affective. Did you fake breguet la tradition watches know that garlic kills yeast? Ask anyone who cooks bread. Never add garlic until after the yeast has risen in the bread - or the yeast will never rise. Believe it or not - placing a clove of garlic into the vaginal opening will work to kill off yeast in and around the vagina. It is best to perform this treatment fake breitling galactic 41 watches at night when you are not moving around. Place the garlic inside your vagina when you go to bed (and remove it in the morning). White vinegar mixed with water is another method used to treat a fungal infection. You can actually bedat co replicas douche with this mixture and also bvlgari knockoffs rub on the vaginal area to fight your infection. Tea tree oil is another substance you can rub on the affected area to get rid of your yeast. Certain herbs and raw garlic are some other known home remedies. Garlic has antifungal activities and can destroy fungus at normal body temperatures. When fresh garlic is crushed, allicin, the active ingredient that kills fungi, is produced. The crushed garlic is wrapped in gauze immediately before insertion into breitling chronomat b01 replica watches the vagina. Powered or dried garlic does not have the same ability to kill fungi as fresh garlic. Side effects to the garlic include an offensive odor and possible allergic reactions. Don't use soaps and sprays that cause irritation and itching in the vagina. The use of vaginal yeast infection home remedy treatment can potentially cure the infection more quickly and effectively than prescription or over the counter treatments. The most important thing is to treat the infection as soon as possible, regardless of which yeast disease home remedy works best for you. Author is an online medical researcher on yeast infections treatment. Click read more on yeast infection causes, Yeast Infection Men Treatment, How to Get Rid of A Yeast Infection.

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